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How Kid’s Liturgy
of the Word Works


easy to implement, exciting and enriching

Kids’ Liturgy of the Word: provides an authentic liturgical experience each Sunday of the year, in a way that’s rich, reflective, and age-appropriate. Our new digital resource offers an all-in-one experience that includes music written for children, readings from the approved Children’s Lectionary, visual resources and activity handouts to take home!

Kids’ Liturgy of the Word provides ritual prayer, music and readings that speak to children, allowing children to experience the Liturgy of the Word as the rest of the community in an age-appropriate worship experience!

Kids’ Liturgy of the Word uses The Lectionary for Masses with Children. The simplified language of the Lectionary does not talk down to children but places unfamiliar words and expressions in a context which helps them understand their meaning. Children are then able to understand the Scripture and make connections appropriate to their age.

Kids’ Liturgy provides a fantastic opportunity to form the next generation of leaders in the Church and invite them to actively participate in its mission. You can read more suggestions in the article, “Forming Young Leaders“.


Kid’s Liturgy is an easy-to-use digital resource that provides an authentic Children’s Liturgy of the Word for each Sunday of the year!

Get the Starter Kit

We’ve outlined planning and implementation steps for you and your parish in our Starter Kit. We recommend that leaders of Kids’ Liturgy of the Word take a multi-phased approach when beginning this program.

Our free Starter Kit will outline all steps for planning, gathering and leading your sessions! View the starter kit or download now.

Kids liturgy starter kit
Work Sheet

Build on the experience

With Take Home Activity Pages

The take-home activity pages are designed to enhance and continue the prayers, gospel reading and actions that the children experience during the Kids’ Liturgy. The activity page is full of conversation starters and prompts that can be used throughout the week as a reminder of Sunday’s gospel message.

Official Church Documents to assist and guide